The Five Animals of Kenpo

Below is an overview of the fighting styles of the Five Animals of Kenpo.


Spirt, wisdom.
Range:  All

Evasive uses rising and falling as well as in and out motions; many spinning kicks simulate whipping the tail. Can use all of the other animals traits and strikes.


Fearless, powerful, and aggressive.
Range:  Close

Straight in, attacks the attack not much backing up except to "load up" the rear leg for lunging in. Lots of clawing strikes, reaps and takedowns. Power moves — very up close and personal.


Speed, agility, and angles.
Range:  Boxing/Punching

Multiple strikes using angles. Blocking and hitting simultaneously. Uses the hips to generate more power and snap. Likes to move to the outside or under attacks.


Endurance, inner power, and precision.
Range:  Close/Trapping

Wraps around — may types of wraps and chokes for that constrictor feel. Lots of pressure point strikes. Quick whip like pokes into soft targets "poison hand" style.


Balance, distancing, and grace.
Range:  Long

Creates angles with footwork to keep attackers at a distance. Likes big circles. Uses hopping to one leg stance and stomping down to help make power.