Always be Truthful and Keep Your Promises.


NEVER Betray Someone for Personal Gain.


Don't Disregard the People who Helped You get Where You Are. No One Gets Very Far All Alone.


If You Never Try — You Will NEVER Succeed.


Train To Produce A Desired Result.

Black Belt Roster

"Strive to become the person you think you already are."

Rokkudan (6th Degree)

  • Sensei Bill Logan
  • - "A persons quality is not measured by their own words
    but by the words of those who support them."

Godan (5th Degree)

  • Tammy Logan

Yondan (4th Degree)

  • Justin B. Tadlock
  • Amos D. Hill II
  • Kristy M. Mathews
  • Chad J. Camp
  • *Seth Stoughton

Sandan (3rd Degree)

  • Carlos Fuentes
  • Collin Roehner
  • *Brian Hancock

Nidan (2nd Degree)

  • Carol Heiman
  • Nichole Tadlock
  • Cathrine Hancock
  • Drew Harris
  • Chris N. Cogswell
  • Paula B. Fuentes
  • *Monica Alday

Shodan (1st Degree)

  • Cypress Rudloe
  • Brandon Clark
  • Dakota Zaharis
  • Jenny Reynolds
  • Madge Anderson
  • Nathan Dennis
  • Stephen Birch
  • *Joyce Soler
  • *Barry McConnell

*Black Belts previously trained by Sensei Logan added by request.