Kids Classes

At our school we have an "old school approach" with our kids program. We have not compromised the integrity of our training by commercializing and losing site of what martial arts training really should be. We often get asked by prospective parents "do you bus the kids from school?" or "do you provide after school care?". Our response is, "no we do not" — we are a martial arts school. As mentioned in previous pages we are like a family at our school and we want the opportunity to get to know the parents and have them involved as much as possible. Our classes start a little later in the afternoon to enable this. We like for the parents to watch a class sometimes and interact with us on their child's progress. Yes our parents drop off their kids at the school sometimes, but by doing so they have the opportunity to interact with us more and keep the lines of communication open.

Why is there a separate kids defense class necessary with some other programs? What are they teaching in class? Self defense and all that goes with it should be taught in the class.

If you are looking for a "Martial Arts School" where your child can still truly learn self discipline, respect, honor, loyalty and self defense, then this is your school. Many schools often lower the bar so the kids can meet it; at Logan's Martial Arts Academy we raise the bar for our kids program and then work harder ourselves to help them achieve their best.

Just like our adult programs all of our kids classes are taught by black belt instructors.

Logan's Martial Arts is proud to partner with ARTS After School, Tallahassee's premier after school program; providing instructors to teach our martial arts program at their location.

**************STUDENT OF THE MONTH*******************
The Student of the Month for June 2024 is Nia-Marie Godfrey. Nia-Marie is an excellent student, and she currently holds the rank of Yellow Belt.