Sensei Bill's Page

Who We Are...
WHO WE ARE... We are a Nationally Known and Recognized school with 4 of the most respected Martial Arts Organizations in the World. Our school and its patch are known and respected all the way from New England to California. No other school in Tallahassee can claim this. We were chosen SCHOOL of THE YEAR by the International Martial Arts Council of America in 2009. We are a Self Defense school first and foremost. The atmosphere at our school is one of Hardcore training yet a sense of family and encouragement to succeed. We do not promote a gym like feel or look as many try to emulate. Shihan Logan has been inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as MASTER OF THE YEAR ...TWICE He was promoted to 7th degree by GM Jay Vera ..Kajukenbo 6th degree in Kenpo by S.GM George Pesare and GM's of the I.K.C.G Level 6 Instructor in Krav Maga by Prof. Cale and the International Assn. of Krav Maga. He's also a Black Belt in Combative Ju-Jitsu and Instructor in Escrima. Defensive Tactical CQC shooting also Master Tammy Logan was inducted as FEMALE KRAV MAGA INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR in 2012. She was promoted to 5th degree by both Gm Jay Vera in Kajukenbo and S.GM George Pesare and the GM's of the I.K.C.G. in Kenpo Karate 2011 Level 6 Instructor in Krav Maga under Prof. Cale and the International Assn. of Krav Maga. She also holds certification as the Krav Maga Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement director of Florida. Many of our Instructors at Logan's have worked as Bouncers and Law Enforcement/Corrections officers and have been involved in life or death circumstances and several have years of experience in the ring as competitors. All of our Instructors have to complete the Instructor Training(2yr) course to become full instructors. We never just find a body and have them teach as some other schools do. AND Our Quality Shows it..!!!! Our students have successfully fought in the ring as Muay Thai kickboxers , as M.M.A competitors and have brought home medals (2 silvers and a Bronze) competing in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu competitions -2014 Logan's is the only training center with Certified Krav Maga Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructors and MORE Leon County Sheriffs office Defensive Tactics Instructors train with us than any other school in Tallahassee. They want what actually works taught by a competent Instructor who doesn't rely on teaching small or compliant students. Logan's and Xtreme tactics training are the creators of "LAST RESORT" the Extremely successful active shooter response training program. Logan's and Xtreme Tactics Training have partnered with Talon Training Group and now offer advanced Shooting - CQC classes at the finest facility in N.Florida. Shihan Logan is on the board of directors for the International Kenpo Council of Grand Masters(IKCG)with Ms. Tammy,the International Martial Arts Council of America(IMAC). And he is now on staff with the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. We have worked with Grand Masters from all over the world such as SGM George Pesare(founder of all New England Kenpo) GM Jay Vera( Kajukenbo, Aiki-jujitsu, ZTM founder) Tuhon Ray Dionaldo (Founder of FCS KALI) GM Richard Bustillo ( Jeet Kun Do...Bruce Lee's first student) GM Steve Nugent(head of IKCG) GM Bill Wallace (kickboxing legend), GM Al Dacascos (Founder of Wun Hop Kuen Do system), Prof. Jeff Speakman (founder of Kenpo5.0, Weapon). Prof. Kimo Ferrera ( Founder of Kenpo Jutsu Kai) GM Cacoy Canete of Dose Pares system of Escrima. and 9 time World Champion Christine Bannon-Rodrigues just to name a few..... Logan's has demonstrated advanced self defense material for the Prestigious Grand Masters Council at the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. A panel of 15 Grand Masters complimented their proficiency and skills. People from all over the United States have come to train with Logan's to INCREASE their skill sets as Logan's is the FINEST HARDCORE SELF DEFENSE SCHOOL IN TALLAHASSEE. Don't be fooled by others misleading claims of Military service and Law enforcement boxes on base... or passing out fishing tickets... neither have any relevance to fighting ability. Our instructors have REAL FIGHT EXPERIENCE in the real world. And all of this actually makes us unique in Martial Art's community in Tallahassee.!!!!

If there is a difference between the Martial Art you teach and Self Defense...either your teaching it wrong,dont know what your doing,Had a crap Instructor or come from a tournament style like Tae Kwon Do. Many Arts have been watered down to be safe to play with and have lost sight of what MARTIAL actually means. There are many styles that are just reformulated to seem new but really they have the same old flaws they always had they just add Combat or Commando in front of the name and claim they did something...a bunch actually let you get a BlackBelt by video or mail order to set up a school.... SHAMEFUL

Passing of a Legend.
It is with great sadness to report that we lost Senior Grand Master Pesare on Oct. 14th, 2012.

Training with Senior Grandmaster Pesare and the International Kenpo Council of Grandmasters
On May 21st Ms.Tammy and I got to spend time with many of the Grandmasters in Warwick RI at the IKCG seminars and the banquet.There were 9th an 10th dan Grandmasters,8th dan Professors an many 5th dan+ Masters in attendance. Grandmaster Pesare spoke about the history and lineage of Kenpo as he is the person that brought it to New England in the beginning. Logan's Martial Arts Academy is proud to be a recognized school and legitimate decendant of Senior Grandmaster Pesare's lineage.We were welcomed with open arms and big smiles and it truly was a "Homecoming". We were especially honored when Ms.Tammy was asked to speak at the banquet about our coming to the Council from Florida. Many Thanks to Grandmaster Nugent and Shihan Dwire for the Invitation.

Strength in Numbers..???
You cant make a school stronger by passing people up to Blackbelt just to fill up the ranks. You make your school stronger by making sure your Blackbelts are REAL Blackbelts and not PAPER Tigers. They need to put in the hardwork and spend the proper time in rank just to get to Blackbelt,let alone higher Blackbelt ranks. And it should never be a reward for special favors like some schools have done recently.

Who You Are....really..
You should always say what you will do..and Do what you say you will. Show who you are by your actions not with just your words. It is easy to complete something you enjoy, It is hard to complete a task that is daunting. Character and discipline will show through either the abundance of,or lack there of.The world is full of STARTERS but only very few FINISHERS.

Perception of Quality
One person can tell a hundred people how great they themselves are and that wont make it so...But a hundred people telling one person how great someone is, is much more believable and most likely true.

Martial Arts Instructors are like chefs they take many ingredients to make the art they teach work the best it can. But they cannot take the credit if all they supply to their students is the basic ingredients and not the knowlege on how it all goes together especially when that student bakes an Award winning cake and becomes world famous for it. BUT they do get to take ALL the BLAME for what their student doesn't know, if they dont even know the names of the ingredients or where it comes from let alone how to mix an use it. Some Instructors try to feed you a mudpie and tell you"It's German Chocolate so eat it cuz I said so"........I dont like the taste of dirt cake personaly,... I'm just sayin.....

I will not compromise the Integrity an Trust of this school. I will never pass a student just because they might make the minimum number of classes like some schools,I will never let personal feelings interfere with the pass or fail of a student. EVERYONE at this school must operate at their highest level and must meet the required levels of proficiency. Certain other schools pass people up to Blackbelt just to fill up their ranks but how good can they really be with lax requirements and shoddy Instructors?.. I WILL NOT sacrifice the ART for the sake of a DOLLAR like some have.Testing for rank should only come as a result of dedication and hard work,testing and higher ranks should never be a reward for favors. This undermines all that we are supposed to be teaching and... it makes me sick.

Quest for Knowledge
Master Bill And Miss Tammy will be training in Cape Cod with Prof Kimo,Master Chris Hatch,Master Matt Barnes,Master Jesse Dwire,and Marlon Wilson. All with the same kind of training and background for Kenpo and Kajukenbo that we do and we will get to share all kinds of information.

*******My How We Have Grown*********
WOW class' have really taken off they have filled with eager happy people learning about Kenpo and Kickboxing. It's just amazing how this school has progressed to over 140+ students in this short time.It has been a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone making this happen. We are truly Blessed

Perspective-Toughness-Life. Every day brings new potential
"To fall seven times...Rise eight... life starts from now..." a quote favored by Karazenpo founder Sijo Victor "Sonny" Gascon... (What was then WAS...What is now IS)

Training for Victory
Training = Knowing,... Knowing = Confidence,... Confidence = Success,... Success = Victory !!!!!

Training Hard...and for REAL
It is not enough to throw punches around in the air and Kiai loudly and be satisfied that you can defend yourself. It is not enough to just "believe" that your techniques will work. You MUST train hard and "know" what you are capable of and that your skills are for Real. There are many phoney "Masters" out there who talk a big game but have never even tried to use their techniques on anything but a willing and "respectful" student. Any mistake or malfuntions are quickly covered up usually with alot of talking....... Believe in your technique,KNOW that you can do it,Be Ready to prove it, but Hope that you never have to.

Hard work pays off.!!!
"Success and victory are reserved for those willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve them."------Sun Tsu. This is as true today as it was 500 years ago. So you want that next belt rank ..huh ?

The Three Stumbling Blocks
There are Three stumbling blocks that every Martial Artist must face. They fall in but are not limited to beginning,intermediate and advanced levels. 1. FEAR... of the unknown,of looking awkward,of making mistakes 2. Laziness... not willing to make the sacifices required to truly advance. 3 EGO.... Truly the worst. Thinking that there is nothing that you need to learn .It is the only one that can bring the other two stumbling blocks back. If a Martial Artist reaches the BlackBelt levels and lets Ego rule them then they will get lazy because they think that they dont have to work hard anymore to stay sharp.But they cannot.And then the excuses start to cover up their shortcomings. So comes the return of FEAR that people will get better than them even if and especially if an Instructor. These must be overcome to become a true Martial Artist. Sensei Bill