Previous Rank Tests

Testing 12-02-2023

Testing on 09-09-2023
Congratulations to everyone who tested 09-09-2023! Everyone did an excellent job, and earned their new rank.

Test on 9-11-2010
Great job on the test you all did splendid. Congratulations to Robert Gerrity-Purple belt,Joshua Adams-Orange belt,Ed Bayo-Orange belt,Ramon Evans-Yellow belt

Test on 8-21-2010
Everyone did a GREAT JOB .You worked hard and it showed your skill an technique was OUTSTANDING we are very proud of all you....Mr Bill an Miss Tammy and Mr Chad.

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Adult test 6-5-2010
All of you have worked hard and it showed you did a Excellent job it was a long test and you really showed how well you can do your material I am very proud of you.Congratulations to Purple Belts-Adrianna Williams,Byron Williams,Juan Harper,James Scruggs. Orange Belts-Keith Baker,Stephen Birch,Robert Gerrity,Ryan Fried,Gary Owen. Yellow Belts- Anabel Merwin,Travis Tyner,Lowell Bishop.

Kids Test 6-5-2010
Congratulations to the kids that tested you did an outstanding job and were impressive to watch. Our new Purple Belts- Ethan Eudy,Xavier Patterson,Anna Noonan,Storm Williams. Orange Belt- Benjamin Bridges and Yellow Belts-Joshua Adams and John Davis

BLACKBELT TEST ******** 05-15-10
Congratulations to our students who tested this Saturday it was a very difficult test it lasted 5.5 hours you all did a fantastic job!!! Amos Hill 4th Dan, Chris Cogswell 2nd Dan and Collin Roehner 2nd Dan.

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Congratulations to all the people who tested for rank Saturday.You all did an OUTSTANDING job you performed at a higher level than ever before! It shows just how far you have come and I am very proud to be your Instructor. Master Bill

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TEST 4-10-10
Congratulations to Ian Garfield,Miles Nesbit,Keith Baker and Ed Bayo on passing their Yellow belt exam it was a hard test and they did outstanding job.

Test on 3-27-10
Congratulations to Penelope Kirby an Lindsey Miller on their Purple Belt, And to Tanya Moore,Ryan Fried,Gary Owen,Robert Gerrity an Mark Schindler for getting their Yellow Belts. It was a very hard test and they all did a great job.

Congratulations to students who tested 02-13-10 Adults:
Emily Hodges-Blue Belt, Ryan Gagne-Orange Belt, James Scruggs-Orange Belt, Thomas Cook-Yellow Belt, Alex Cook-Yellow Belt, Stephen Birch-Yellow Belt

Congratulations to our students who tested 02-13-10 Kids Test:
From left to right; Ethan Eudy-Orange Belt, Chloe Smith-Purple Belt, Anna Noonan-Orange Belt, Storm Williams-Orange Belt, Xavier Patterson-Orange Belt, Benjamin Bridges-Yellow Belt, Andrew Cook-Yellow Belt. Great Job!!!!!

Congratulations to all who tested January 30, 2010
From left to right: Lindsey Miller-Orange Belt, Adrianna Williams-Orange Belt, Robbie Mooneyham-Orange Belt,Byron Williams-Orange Belt, Tony Mooneyham-Orange Belt, Chris Coutts-Yellow Belt, Tristan Kopczynski-Purple Belt, Preston Baker-Blue Belt, Jason Letchworth-Purple Belt, Lauren Pearce-Purple Belt, Alan Madsen-Purple Belt, Jens Flock-Yellow Belt, Kevin Letchworth-Purple Belt, Mary Anderson-Purple Belt,James Gillman-Orange Belt, Juan Harper-Orange Belt,

Rank Test
Congratulations to Ethan Eudy,Damien Baker,Brandyn Smyth,Xavier Patterson,Anna Noonan,Storm Williams for earning there Yellow Belts. GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all who tested October 17, 2009
From Left to right: Joe Diamond-Green Stripe, Ashley Cox-2nd Brown, Dakota Zaharis-2nd Brown, Bernie Hernandez-Brown Belt, Jenny Reynolds-Brown Belt, Nathan Dennis-Green Stripe, Tom Formato-Green Stripe.

Congratulations to all who tested September 26, 2009
From left to right: Adriana Williams-Yellow Belt, Penelope Kirby-Orange Belt, Robbie Mooneyham-Yellow Belt, James Gillman-Yellow Belt, Emily Hodges-Purple Belt, David Okerland-Blue Belt, Tristan Kopezynski-Orange Belt, Leslie Heffner-Blue Belt,Lewis Buford-Blue Belt

Rank Test - August 29, 2009:
Congratulations to all who tested.

BLACK BELT TEST - March 7, 2009:
Congratulations to Collin Roehner who has acheived the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. It was a very hard test and he did a splended job!!!

Rank Test - April 25, 2009:
Congratulations to all who tested.

Rank Test - February 28, 2009:
Congratulations to all who tested.

Rank Test - February 21, 2009:
Congratulations to all who tested.